Frequently Asked Questions

“90% of home buyers start their search online and 93% use an agent to buy, so we actively market your home to fully motivated, highly qualified buyers and the thousands of agents that work in our marketplace and around the world.”

What are you going to do to sell our home?
You may not be aware that there are two types of real estate agents, passive and active. I am an active agent. This means when you list your home with me, I will spend my time actively and aggressively marketing your home to the public and other agents in the community. Please read our 28 Steps To Success in its entirety.

Another Agent said they could get me more money

An agent that will list your property overpriced is often afraid to tell you the truth up front or just wants a listing to cultivate other leads. Weak agents that overprice homes assume they can take the listing now and then start beating you up on price later. Whose best interest is this really in?

Can we list for a 30 or 90 day time period?
Preferred Homes Real Estate does not want to keep you in an agreement if you are not happy with our service. Therefore, unlike most agents, we put in our contract that you can cancel at any time with 30 days notice. We want you to tell your friends and family how honest and fair we were with you. Our standard agreement is 6 months.

I have a friend in the business

Almost everyone knows someone in the real estate business. Do you absolutely want to sell this house, or do you just want to do your friend a favor? Consider this a business decision.

We've never heard of Preferred Homes Real Estate
We can understand your concern, and we’re sure you realize a company doesn’t sell a home… it’s the individual agent’s activities and efforts. Preferred Homes Real Estate is one of the largest independent firms in Orange County, California and surrounding areas. Our track record shows that we have the skills and experience to sell your home.

Another Agent said they would do it for less

That is a valid concern. Something to seriously consider is this: Do you really want to be at a clear disadvantage when marketing your home? We have to market your home to two people, the buyers and their agents. Paying a normal commission helps in aggressively marketing to both groups and ultimately helping you net the most money possible.

Let's list high, we an always come down later

We understand you want to list high to leave room for negotiating, and have you considered the problem it creates for you? Most people won’t even bother looking at properties that are priced too high. Would you rather have a bidding war on your home or not have an opportunity to negotiate any offers at all?

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