Michael Laskey

Lic. #01745161
Listing Specialist at Preferred Homes Real Estate, Inc

MICHAEL LASKEY member of the National, California, and Orange County Realtor Associations works every day to provide the highest quality of service to meet his client’s individual needs and circumstances. As a recognized professional, Michael’s high standards of integrity, customer service and work ethic have been utilized by his many past and current clients to represent their best interest and ensure the best results in their transactions. Michael Laskey brings truth and strength to the table; he always advises his clients on the reality of the market when deciding pricing and market trends. He is a dedicated expert in his market place and regularly studies the market.

Total Listings Sold since 2002

Professional Experience

Michael’s aggressive non-traditional approach to real estate is what attracts his many clients. He actively looks for buyers for his listings 4-5 hours a day and follows a defined plan of action to get your home sold and keeps a rigorous schedule to track his results.

Michael has the power to protect your equity by negotiating the best price for your home. He works with a highly trained real estate coach on best ideas and strategies to sell your home for top market value in the shortest amount of time.

Michael is constantly trying to improve his skills by attending at least 4 intense training seminars each year taught by the #1 Real Estate Coaching Company, The Mike Ferry Organization. Remember… It costs the same to hire the best!

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